Patricia Florence counselorI have a Masters of Social Work from the University of Texas-Austin and am licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the State of Texas. I also have a Masters degree in History of Ideas from The University of Texas-Dallas. My master’s thesis was concerned with how post-Civil War Texas women used their religious beliefs in order to develop their business skills and independence. It connects to my interest in how people think about themselves and their place in the world.

I look at our lives as affected by our genes, our families, our communities, and the larger world. How we interact with those circles, and with ourselves, affects how we feel about ourselves. This view has a profound impact on my practice and on those who work with me.

I began my therapy career at an Austin hospital where the work was varied, fast-paced, and short-term. Patients I saw were at their most vulnerable and often coping with life-altering diagnoses such as cancer, pregnancy loss, severe mental illness, or addiction. For four years, I worked at an Austin counseling center, providing counseling to the LGBT community of Austin. In addition, I’ve worked on a domestic violence hotline and have volunteered as a tutor to homeless children.

As a psychotherapist, I continue to sharpen and develop my skills by taking part in numerous training sessions, such as SafePlace Austin’s 40-hour volunteer training in domestic violence. I participate in a three-weekends-a-year training group led by Dr. Ronnie Levine, a respected and internationally-known psychologist practicing in New York City and also participate in two therapist consultation groups in Austin. In 2014, I began a multi-year program at The Center for Group Studies in New York City.

I am a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society.

The Center for Group Studies