Conditions Treated & Therapies Used

  • Trauma
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Grief and Loss
  • GLBT Issues
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Depression & Anxiety

I have experience addressing a wide variety of issues, and my specialties include:

Clients who have had difficult and/or traumatic childhoods;

Couples having difficulties in their relationships;

Couples interested in learning how to communicate more effectively so they can develop a deeper and closer relationship;

GLBT clients who want a safe, comfortable environment to discuss the entirety of their lives

People grappling with Grief and Loss, and/or Cultural Adjustment

GROUP THERAPY (Current Groups)

In addition to individual and couples therapy, I offer group therapy. We are born into a group, and we spend most of our lives learning, working, and playing in groups. Group is an affordable and effective form of treatment, and yet many people find the idea uncomfortable, intimidating or downright scary. It is important to know that you control what, how much, and when you share your thoughts and feelings and experiences with the group. All members agree to maintain the confidentiality of ALL other members. It is a critical part of the process and is needed for everyone to feel as safe as possible in order to participate in the group.

Group helps people develop deeper and more authentic relationships by developing one’s relationship skills, improved communication, and giving and receiving feedback about behaviors. It also provides a safe environment to test new behaviors, so you can use them in your everyday interactions.